Hand-Painted One Piece

Original Hand-Painted Bibs

The Hand Painted Baby Clothing featured here is from BrushmarQ Enterprises. Each item includes BrushMarQ artwork, and is a "One of a Kind Original",signed by the artist. Each of these pieces of artwork are individually hand painted with non-toxic acrylic fabric paint,  and are machine washable.  All of the handpainted infant wear we sell is 100% cotton of very high quality. The specifics for each garmet are included in the detailed description.


BrushMarQ's Original Baby Boutique is the sole source for the 'one of a kind' handpainted Bibs shown here. Visit "Bargain Baby Boutique" for Bibs with prints of similar BrushMarQ artwork at bargain prices.

BrushMarQ prints are also available on CafePress

Dog Bib
Sun Dog Bib
Sun Dog is always there for company, and won't complain when food lands on him..

$24.95 See Details

Moth Bib
Sun Moth Bib
This Moth just loves the sun-light, and will protect your baby from all kinds of spills. .

$24.95 See Details

Parrot Bib
Sun Parrot Bib
This Parrot Bib protects your baby at lunch, while not making a peep to interupt the meal.

$24.95 See Details

Turtle Bib

Turtle Bib
The Turtle cools it on a small island, while waiting for the fall-out from babies lunch.

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